Our story

Sanna Jalomäki, founder of VoiDe


Some stories have a surprise ending, which in fact turns out to be a new, brilliant beginning - ours is that kind of a story. And it all happened unexpectedly...

The company itself is relatively young, yet VoiDe's story stretches back over a decade and across the oceans to Australia. VoiDe Health was created by chance when the wife of a Sydney architect asked her pharmacist to create a natural cream that would cure the insulin injection marks on the skin of her diabetic grandchild in Finland. The pharmacist granted her wish, but it wasn't until some time later that the same product was applied as a facial moisturiser by the grandchild's mother - and to their great surprise it worked wonders!

"After years of having people ask me about how I looked so young, I decided to bring something, that at the time was exclusively produced for myself, my daughter and my mother, to the rest of the world. I am very proud, and excited, to share this gently healing collection of skincare products with you. It's an honour to play a part in helping people look and feel naturally vibrant, beautiful and healthy, even if it is just skin deep." 
- Sanna Jalomäki, founder of VOIDEskincare, age 51.

Today, all VoiDe products are still made in Australia by professionals and sold exclusively across the globe by VOIDEskincare (Business ID FI1834825-9). The company is based in Helsinki, Finland. 

By the way, that grandchild is now our brand ambassador and the face of VoiDe.