We believe in carrying responsibility


We believe all women, men and children are naturally beautiful, in essence. Our flower-powered creams revitalise and enhance this natural beauty by utilising the innate healing qualities of botanicals to release and neutralise imperfections and impurities of the skin. The VoiDe skincare collection is created by using a highly evolved, modern, yet gentle production method that truly sets us apart.

In a world inundated with chemicals, additives, plastics and toxins we at VoiDe have decided to return to the basics by Being Bare. We understand that our planet provides us with everything we need (in order to lead fundamentally healthy and happy lives) as long as we interact responsibly with our environment. 

We support this ethos by making eco-friendly choices all the way to bring you nature's gifts.


The well-being of nature is important to us so we try to minimise everything that may be detrimental to the environment, from the ingredients used, to the manufacturing practices and in our end products. 

1) Saying YES to trees
We'd rather see trees in forests than 'on jars'. 

Although an increasing amount of attention is placed upon attractive packaging in the beauty industry, VoiDe has taken the opposite direction. Alluring, multilayered packaging that will only end up in landfills is a luxury that Mother Nature simply cannot afford. An important part of Being Bare is stripping our containers of product labels. So how do we inform our clients of our product ingredients and use? With each purchase we provide you with a product description document (pdf. file) sent directly to your personal email address. Everything you need to know about your VoiDe product is there digitally, avoiding the unnecessary use of paper, making the information more accessible in future and reading easier for you without all that tiny print. 

2) Saying NO to plastics
As the planet is increasingly burdened by plastics (299 million tonnes produced in 2013 alone, approximately 10–20 million tons of plastic end up in the oceans each year, 22-43% end up in landfills), we feel strongly about making wiser choices - that's why VoiDe's product containers are 90-95% plastic free (we are working on turning that number into 100%). Our policy is to use recyclable glass jars and pump bottles only.

We encourage our clients to recycle these containers in local glass recycling bins, or to reuse them at home or return them to VoiDe (which many of our clients do). Our best case scenario is having clients return the containers so that we can cleanse, disinfect and reuse them in our product line. We would love it if you could help us do this. The plastics we use: adhesive tape for packaging, sample jars (recyclable) and the lids/caps on our product containers. Everything else is biodegradable

In addition:
1) we do our best to avoid using any unnecessary packaging materials and send you just the bare essentials in eco-friendly parcels. Don't be surprised when your package does not contain brochures, greeting cards etc. All the information is in digital form and everything in your parcel can be reused, so please try to recycle instead of throwing away.
2) our products aim to give your skin a natural, healthy glow, providing you the option of facing the world with just your naturally beautiful, bare skin or with makeup if you like. 
3) it is crucial for us to be bare as a company and thus corporate transparency is of high priority to us.

So bear with us - we hope you can handle Being Bare

(yes we know, we have played around with this term quite a bit in our rant...)