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Our subtle skincare products utilize the healing qualities of flowers and marine plant micro-organisms to give you healthy, naturally glowing skin. All our moisturisers have been carefully laboratory tested to ensure safety and the highest quality according to European Union standards (SCCS). VoiDe's secret is not only in the botanicals we use, but also the unique leading edge manufacturing methods employed, which set us apart from other skincare products. 

The VoiDe skincare collection is 100% natural, non-toxic, chemical, steroid and cruelty free. Each cream is sold in a recyclable glass jar or pump bottle without labelling (with each purchase our clients receive product information in pdf. form sent directly to their email address). More on our Being Bare eco-friendly policies here.

A 60 millilitre jar of VoiDe cream can last you up to 3 months of daily use (depending on amount applied). For a free sample please see instructions here.

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