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Being Bare is the name of our Eco-friendly Policies and our Philosophy.  It's all about acting responsibly by stripping down to the bare essentials and that's why our products don't come in typical packaging and labelling. 
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VoiDe Health for Winter


I use VoiDe (Smooth) morning and night, also around the eye area. I have noticed that my eyelashes have become thicker & stronger after daily use of VoiDe. I'm super happy with the product and warmly recommend it to everyone! 

Hannele, age 49 (female, ageing skin)

I can recommend VoiDe to every Tom, Dick and Harry without the slightest reservation. It's helped my skin during winter when the weather's cold and dry and my face has felt really dry and tight. VoiDe (Health) has given immediate relief.

Matias, age 31 (male)

These creams are perfect for me because I am very sensitive to chemicals. I'm using Health and Smooth. They both keep my skin feeling soft, smooth and healthy with no allergic reactions. I love them!

Sirpa, age 70 (female, highly sensitive skin)

I've tried different brands for my dry and pimple prone skin but with all the lighter moisturisers my skin becomes flakey. VoiDe (Health) moisturises my skin really well even during harsh winter weather (applied after outdoors activities), without leaving it all greasy.'

Paula, age 28 (female, dry & pimple prone skin)

It's f***ing excellent! Next pay cheque I get I'm buying more - then I can die happy. (VoiDe Health)  

Kaisla, age 20 (female, acne prone skin)

It (VoiDe Health) helps keep my skin hydrated and protects it from subzero temperatures, dryness and neutralizes impurities really well.  It moisturises the skin under my beard, as well as helps my beard grow naturally!

Leevi, age 22 (male)

Before I couldn't leave the house without foundation, but after I started using VoiDe Smooth I haven't needed it. I love it and so does my daughter.

Anita, age 50 (female, ageing skin)
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